Accelerate Your Growth 

Create organic growth with content that speaks to your buyers

Create Content That Ranks For New Keywords 

A lot of “growth marketers” will create content for the sake of doing so. What’s even worse, they’ll point to the total number of blogs they produced in a given month, and say “look what we did!!”

That’s a misguided strategy.

See, a lot of this content is fluff, and does not tie back to actual business growth or ROI.

We take a different approach.

We’ll work with you to determine the phrases people are actually searching for when they’re looking for what you sell, and apply those to your content strategy. For us, growth comes from the creation (and ranking!) of brandable assets. These can take the form of resource guides, long-form blog content, podcast and/or video transcripts, and more. The ultimate driver is creating value for your users. THAT is what will grab their attention, and move them down the funnel from “book a call” to completing the sale.


Keyword Gap Analysis

We use a combination of tools, SERP data, and competitors to determine what the best match is for the pages you already have.

The keyword gap analysis brings in 5 competitors and crosswalks their keywords against yours to show us the gaps on your website that the competitors are using to get more traffic to their website, that you’re missing out on. 

These gaps help us to understand topic clusters, and turn those into topic ideation, which is the second part of the sprint.

Content Topic Ideation

We use these tools, keywords, and additional competitor research, along with what’s working in your industry, to formulate very detailed & specific content topics for blogs, videos, etc.

These topics are organized into a content calendar that you can then use to build out a steady content marketing plan.

We give you the content topic, target keyword, title — everything you need to create the content.

Content Calendar Setup

Once we’ve ideated the content topics, we’ll organize them into a content calendar that you can then use to build out a steady content marketing plan.

Content Briefs

We’ll create a list of content topics, and flesh out briefs for each one. This gives you a full matrix of content ideas, and in-depth content outlines for your writers (or ours).

Consultation & Implementation

Once we’ve completed our keyword gap analysis, topic ideation, content matrix, and content briefs, we’ll run through each of our deliverables with you on a recorded screenshare. At that point, you can determine whether you’d like for our team to implement our findings, or if you’d prefer to take it in-house.

What’s The Investment?


$3,500 – $14,200


Total investment depends on a number of factors including:

– Total number of pages in the target file

– Number of topics for ideation

– Total content briefs

– Who implements the content (ie your team or ours)

– The amount of training & consulting for your team

Why Work With Us?

We write content that answers users’ questions, which also builds expertise, authority, and trust. (Pro tip: search engines EAT that sort of thing up!) 😉

We’ll work with you to get the voice just right, and our content speaks directly to a pain point that they’re having. No generic how-to or top-ten lists here!

We leverage AI to produce high-quality content at scale that Google and users love, and is virtually guaranteed to rank highly.

Multiple Content Types

Blog posts aren’t enough any more. We work with you to determine the ideal content mix type for your audience and your marketing objectives. This allows you to reach your audience at different points in the funnel, and move them towards conversion.

Different Content Tactics

To keep your audience engaged, we utilize different content tactics. How-to guides are nice, but they don’t engage your audience emotionally. People buy based on emotion, not data. 

Holistic Approach

Content plays into your link building strategy, positioning you as an authority and providing articles that other sites naturally want to link back to. Furthermore, more content provides more internal linking opportunities on your site. When we build out your content strategy, we keep this in mind.

Hub & Spoke Strategy

When we build out your content workbook, we label each piece of content as either a “hub” or a “spoke.” Hub content is a large, central piece, while spoke content is related to the hub piece (and links back to it).

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Is A Sprint?

A sprint is a focused effort to address each major pillar of an SEO campaign (technical fixes, content, & links). Some agencies will bounce around between the three pillars in the course of a month while working on your campaign. We narrow our focus and complete the work within a matter of weeks. 

How Does Pricing Work?

It’s a one-time investment based on the total number of URLs on your website. The more URLs there are, the more effort involved on our end, and the higher the investment per sprint.

Who Is This For?

This is designed for businesses who have a dedicated content manager / writer, and will include at least 35 content briefs for publication. 

Is There Any Recurring Work?

In a word, no. Each one of our sprints is completed as a standalone service. That said, almost all of our clients sign on for multiple sprints throughout the year, depending on their needs. For example, we generally run a growth sprint 2-4 times per year for a client, which ensures that enough content is created to keep the site fresh and on top of search results. 

How Many Sprints Do I Need?

This depends on your website’s current technical and content health, how it’s performing, and the level of investment that you’re comfortable with. Typically, our clients will schedule 5-6 sprints in a 12-month period, and we’ll work with you to determine the optimum number of sprints for your business. 

Will You Guarantee Results?

Not only no, but HELL NO. Any SEO agency that claims to “guarantee results” is selling you snake oil, and we strongly advise you to run far, far away from those charlatans. SEO is a fast-moving, constantly changing industry, and the search engine algorithms are incredibly complicated. These algos change on a daily basis, and as a result, the only sort of “guarantee” we can offer is to place your website in the best possible position to work with you to reach your chosen business goals. We’re not shy about sharing the results we’ve gotten for previous clients, and we believe that the quality of our work (and our expertise) speaks for itself.

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Client Showcase

Our unique, data-centric approach, 40+ years of combined experience, and focus on the quality (not just the quantity) of your results sets us apart. We’ll turn your website into an asset that will generate quality leads for you, any time of day or night.

Traffic Roots

Traffic Roots has a vision of becoming the leading DSP in the cannabis and grey-market space, and needed a website that accurately reflected their brand. Our team created a sleek, modern site with futuristic imagery and optimized copy, resulting in a 66.78% increase in conversions. Traffic Roots also saw a 45.73% decrease in bounce rate with the addition of optimized copy to the site.

Youth Will

The Youth Will team wanted a new site that more accurately reflected their mission of youth empowerment in San Diego, and portrayed them as a powerful force for change to their volunteers and donors. We designed and developed a site that included Google Analytics tracking, and integrated a PayPal Donate button. Our team also handled a migration from GoDaddy to WPEngine, as the site kept crashing due to a lack of resources on GoDaddy’s servers. Since the site launched in September 2021, the Youth Will team has seen a 171% increase in goal conversions.

Matching Lancaster

Chuck and Janet Sierk came to us because they were dissatisfied with the limitations of their current CMS, and wanted something more flexible. WordPress fit the bill admirably, allowing them to build a brand that connects home buyers and sellers all throughout the Lancaster, PA community. 

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Ready to get started? Drop us a line, and we’ll set up a time to chat.