(Re)Design Your Website

Create a website that speaks to your customers.

Transform Your Website Into A 24/7 Sales Machine

You’re great at what you do. Your website should reflect that.


Your website is the face of your online brand, an indispensable tool for your business, and an integral source of conversions. A great website can skyrocket your business’ growth, while a poorly-designed and developed site can be a cash drain. If your site is hard to navigate, slow, or broken, users (and search engines) will avoid it like the plague.

What’s more, even your team will feel the pain of a broken website. If small changes take forever, and larger changes aren’t even on the table, that’s disheartening, and lowers morale.

Great web design isn’t easy. Your audience is more and more demanding with each passing day, expecting your site to load quickly, look good across different screens, and give them the answers that they’re looking for. In today’s world, you have seconds to grab (and hold!) their attention.

Executing a website (re)design can feel like an insurmountable task, and it’s often easier to stick with what you know. However, by neglecting your website, you’re missing out on on opportunities, and your competitors are passing you by.


That’s where we come in.



It all starts with conversations. Conversations with key stakeholders, clients, team members, and other website users. We review current analytics data and performance to determine what’s working and what’s not, evaluate user experience, and run tests on the existing site. We review metrics such as crawl depth, behavior flow, content layout, mobile performance, and more. Ultimately, our goal is to understand your business inside and out from multiple perspectives, and learn how these play into your desired brand and user experience. 

Initial Setup

After the kickoff call, we’ll install WordPress and your chosen theme on a development server, and build out the initial page structure. This will be based either on your current website, sitemap of your new site pages, or a combination. We’ll also transfer over any chosen design or copy assets from your current website.


We’ll take the assets from your current site, marketing materials, call notes, photos, and content, and work them into your new website. We’ll also install and configure any plugins, integrate other systems (think your CRM, Google Analytics, etc), and test the site on various screens to make sure everything works.


Once we’ve created all of the pages and tested everything on the site, it’s time to flip the switch! We’ll handle everything from pointing the domain to your new servers, making sure that your email works, turning analytics tracking on, and more. Our job doesn’t end once the new site is live though. We’ll be with you as your team runs through the site, and we’ll squash any bugs that crop up.

What’s The Investment?

Total investment depends on a number of factors including:

– Total number of pages on the site

– Total pages that need content 

– Who implements the content (ie your team or ours)

– The amount of training & consulting for your team

Lead Generation

$5,000 – $12,000

Pricing for lead generation sites is based on the total number of pages, which dictates the amount of time and effort involved.

These are generally fairly simple sites, consisting of a home page, several service pages, an about page, a contact page, and a blog.


$10,000 – $25,000

ECommerce sites start with a similar structure to lead generation sites (Home, About, Categories), and also require more infrastructure. This includes extra data layers, more robust tracking, ecommerce store setup, payment gateway configuration, product photos and descriptions, and more.

This translates to more time (and a larger investment) than with lead generation sites.


All websites include:


– Optimization for users and search engines

– Google Analytics tracking

– Google Search Console integration

– Optimized content

– Compressed images (for faster page load speed)

– WPRocket caching plugin

– Imagify image compression plugin

– RankMath SEO plugin

Let’s Go!

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Client Showcase

Our unique, data-centric approach, 40+ years of combined experience, and focus on the quality (not just the quantity) of your results sets us apart. We’ll turn your website into an asset that will generate quality leads for you, any time of day or night.

Traffic Roots

Traffic Roots has a vision of becoming the leading DSP in the cannabis and grey-market space, and needed a website that accurately reflected their brand. Our team created a sleek, modern site with futuristic imagery and optimized copy, resulting in a 66.78% increase in conversions. Traffic Roots also saw a 45.73% decrease in bounce rate with the addition of optimized copy to the site.

Youth Will

The Youth Will team wanted a new site that more accurately reflected their mission of youth empowerment in San Diego, and portrayed them as a powerful force for change to their volunteers and donors. We designed and developed a site that included Google Analytics tracking, and integrated a PayPal Donate button. Our team also handled a migration from GoDaddy to WPEngine, as the site kept crashing due to a lack of resources on GoDaddy’s servers. Since the site launched in September 2021, the Youth Will team has seen a 171% increase in goal conversions.

Matching Lancaster

Chuck and Janet Sierk came to us because they were dissatisfied with the limitations of their current CMS, and wanted something more flexible. WordPress fit the bill admirably, allowing them to build a brand that connects home buyers and sellers all throughout the Lancaster, PA community. 

Let’s Go!

Ready to get started? Drop us a line, and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Pricing Work?

Your investment will be broken up into milestones. These milestones may vary depending on project scope, and are generally broken up into three categories:

  • Project start
  • After the dev server and WordPress instance are set up, and the theme has been selected
  • Immediately prior to launch
How Long Will It Take?

This also depends on project scope. In general, lead-generation sites are completed quicker than e-commerce sites. Once we have a better idea of the scope, we can give you a more accurate timeline estimate.

Will You Guarantee Results?

Not only no, but HELL NO. Any agency that claims to “guarantee results” is selling you snake oil, and we strongly advise you to run far, far away from those charlatans. Online marketing is a fast-moving, constantly changing industry, and the search engine algorithms are incredibly complicated. These algos change on a daily basis, and as a result, the only sort of “guarantee” we can offer is to place your website in the best possible position to work with you to reach your chosen business goals. We’re not shy about sharing the results we’ve gotten for previous clients, and we believe that the quality of our work (and our expertise) speaks for itself.

What Happens After Launch?

That depends on you and your goals. If you’d like to manage your website on your own, we’ll provide you with training and call recordings, and can help with some small tasks. If you’d like for us to handle the ongoing monthly maintenance, that’s also an option. If you’d like to really take your site to the next level, we recommend one of our SEO packages.